Lost game for 1 point

I had handicap. Will this still bring my rank down even if one loses for 1 point?

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If I have the “correct” handicap, it counts as though we were the same strength and playing even. If not, it counts as though players of different strengths are playing. If the stronger wins, his rating goes up only a little, and his opponent’s goes down a little, because it was expected. If the weaker wins, his goes up a lot, and his opponent’s goes down a lot, because it was unexpected.

Also, the objective is to win by any amount. One point is the same as 100 when it comes to winning or losing.


It’s a bug.

What’s a bug?

If you play someone exactly the same strength as you (IE have handicap) and lose, don’t you expect to go down a little, and they go up a little?

Why would anyone want to believe that losing a game should get his rank up. I mean… it’s a cognitive bug.

Oh - I don’t think that was the question. I think the question was whether his rank would be affected at all.

IE there’s some logic that says “if I only lost by one point in an even game, should my rank go down?”.

As we have established, the answer is “yes” (AIUI ! )