Lost to a worth opponent - my first 19x19

This is my first 19x19 ever, and I decided to play on my computer against Leela Zero.

It took me the whole day to install, compile, configure, but the suggestion by:

was worth it! Really nice environment and options.

I didn’t find a way to “import” the “.sgf” file to online-go, so I typed in move-by-move in the option “demo board”. I’m not sure if I’m using this wrong (sorry if that is not what it is meant for).

The game is here:

I can’t find the button to “analyze” the game there on the review. It would be nice, since it is easier to understand the analysis here than it is on Lizzie interface. If there is a way, please let me know.

I invite some friends who wants to learn from my mistakes to help with a small review, so I can also learn where I did go wrong.

I was greed in the center region in the begin, but when I saw that I was losing the borders, I decided to focus on defending my ground on the center. I failed in the bottom, where a small invasion occurred, but I could still survive and keep the center, not losing all my stones.

Image: white invaded the center from bellow

When I felt confident that the center was stable, I tried to “probe” some invasions of my own. Two small was quickly killed, but one greater in the botton-right was fun to see the theory, although in the end I was dead anyway.


Thanks any small tips.

My best,

Dr. Bèco

The last diagram is called an L group. You can read about it and other corner shapes here:



Hey - I’m glad you tried this out and got it working. Here are some tips:

  1. Go to FILE > NEW GAME > pick your Engine Max Level (number of play-outs) and hit OK

  2. Go to the TOOLS menu and enable Show Network Probabilities.

  3. Go to the ANALYZE menu and enable Analysis Window, then enable Start/Stop analysis

Then, just play one of the moves that Leela suggests for black. Don’t make up your own moves - just see if you can make sense of the training wheels. Leela will auto-respond as white, and then you keep picking from one of the heatmap options as black.

Even with all of this high-level assistance, you will find it very difficult to win against White. At all those points where the heatmap gives you 4 or 5 choices, you - the beginning player - will make less efficient choices than this particular version of Leela, which is rated about a 3-4 dan out of the box (it continues refining its network and learning while it’s on your ‘puter, but - unless it’s playing against opponents strong enough to beat it, it wont’ evolve much).

One quick note - I noticed you prioritized securing the middle at the beginning. I’m not sure if this is a priority/tactic that you learned from 9x9 games - but by playing in the middle first in a 19x19 game - you are communicating the social signal that you are confident in winning this game - that you can hand off the corner/edge territory advantage to your opponent and still win.

If you take a look at what Leela is trying to show you about the opening game by following those heatmaps, you will see that the game prioritizes corner and edge territory first.

Good luck!


Oh! I forgot to add - the easy way to get SGF files from your desktop to here is

  1. Once you’re done, go FILE > SAVE GAME and save the SGF file somewhere in your file structure

  2. Open up OGS in your browser, hit the upper left hand menu bar and go into SGF LIBRARY

  3. There will be an UPLOAD button on the upper right - navigate to your SGF file in your file structure and upload. You can then write comments and create variations in OGS if you want to.


Oops - just realized you were talking about Leela Zero and not the sjeng version I was talking about. All of my tools advice, and heat-map comments relate to the version below


Should have read your top post more carefully.


Hi Tony!

Thanks for the tips! I’ve installed the Sjeng version. Here a screenshot:

Perfect setup! It is way easier than Lizzie.

I don’t know why, but Lizzie is not showing the analysis. Maybe a “java” problem.

Now this version works flawlessly out of the box with the debian package, no need to compile and install nothing.



Dr. Bèco

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