Lowering CPU usage with Lizzie

Hello everyone!

So I just recently got Lizzie to work but I have one problem: It’s taking up a lot of cpu which makes my computer hot.

I read here (https://github.com/featurecat/lizzie/issues/481) that I could reduce the threads to 1, but am not exactly sure how. The github issue post says to go to config, which I found, and then add --threads 1 after %network-file, but in the config file it says “network-file is obsolete in Lizzie 0.7+”. Can someone help me figure this out?

Any other ways to reduce cpu usage are also much appreciated. I don’t mind if Lizzie runs slower as a result, I’m just worried about my cpu burning up.


You can still add that flag it the config; being after %network-file isn’t really important, flags can typically be wherever and still work fine.

You could just use a general purpose process CPU limiting program. Be sure to target the leelaz or katago process (the AI program), not Lizzie. Use task manager to see what is the CPU-eating process.
I have not tested this but looks ok http://mion.faireal.net/BES/

Probably useless side note: on a linux system... there is the "cpulimit" program or better, kernel control groups:
"systemd-run --scope --uid=$(whoami) --gid=$(whoami) -p CPUQuota=30% /path/to/katago"
Just gotta put that in lizzie's config

Oh I see. I’ll try it out then! Thanks for the info!

I was eventually able to figure it out. Thanks for your help!