Luxembourg players?

Hello forum,

I love playing go online using OGS, but from time to time I also would like to play in real life. I tried to excite few friends but the spark didn’t jump over. Anybody living in Luxembourg who would like to play regularly. The level doesn’t matter too much, I suppose I am still between 15 and 13k and also hope to improve through the discussion in front of the board. If you are interested, please let me know.


Have you tried ?


Thanks for the hint, will check them out :slight_smile:

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I have a friend there i know there is a club (with Laurent Heiser a very good and friendly player) but with the covid I am not sure they meet

Maybe add your info to so others can find you

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Many thanks for the suggestion. I sent a message to the lux go association to see what options there are today.

The European go federation website may be useful too

No player in Luxembourg on this half empty map. Just to save his time.

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That’s why I explicitly said that he should add himself to the map…
So that others can find him…

The map is user generated, so I’ll add reaching out to luxembourg go clubs as a to-do for the future (I put a pause on contacting clubs due to covid and all)

For next year maybe? I guess there are quicker way if he wants to find a player now. But nice anyway to try to expand that map.
By the way, it’s part of that new commercial site now or stay independent?

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Agreed, directly contacting the lux club or EGF as you suggested is definitely fastest! I’m “playing the long game” in trying to make it easier for the go community to connect with each other.

“New commercial site”? The map at BadukClub will be forever free and open source. Although I worry some people may wrongly think my goal is private gain. Is there another site which is doing the same thing with a commercial aim?


Well integrating the map to gobaduk will not hurt the business… Ok I’m titillating you, it’s ok but frankly speaking I never saw that really working in all my life of weiqi addict. Now, with internet, maybe I should go with modern tools.

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Just to complete the story. I added myself as the first entry for Luxembourg and a player contacted me recently and we played two matches today. Was great fun and won’t be the last time! :grinning:

Thanks for the hint!


This warms my heart! I’m so glad it helped!

Today I also had a game with a new player at the club who found us using the map! I still need to focus more effort to improve information on European clubs and organizations. So that is coming soon. I appreciate you taking the time to complete the story!


I am in Luxembourg and I would love to play in person! I’m not very good, though…:confused: