Main menu items appear nonexistent if window width too narrow

When I am on one of the main pages h_ttps://…etc, if the window is not wide enough menu items on the right side like Forums are not visible, there is no indication that there are more items to the right (unlike for browser tabs or bookmarks) and it is not a scrollable menu. It is disconcerting to have the full functionality of a page disappear. There are good reasons to adjust the window to minimum width necessary to play but still want to be able to access controls without having to resize the window multiple times.

Consider an enhancement.


You can always show all menu items by clicking the OGS icon with the “menu hamburger”. It slides down a just if all items. The horizontal list seems to be more like a quick access list that is dependant on the space of your screen.



It is intentional and a full width view should be viewed as optional — and incomplete. The main menu is hidden behind the OGS logo in the upper left corner:

How would you propose to signal that there is a hidden menu (other then the usual three horizontal lines as it is now) or inaccessible options (hidden due to user’s resolution)?

I did find the slider that lets you shrink/expand the page view. That gets everything on window at the expense of shrinking stuff you might not want shrunk.

In Safari when the number of tabs or bookmarks in the Tab bar or Favorites bar reaches maximum, an icon >> is displayed. Clicking it gives a dropdown menu of the remaining items.

You’re right about the left hand menu drawer. I’m still getting familiar with the site but the horizontal list seems preferable for things you might want to access regularly.

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