Main Title Tournaments: Disabling conditional moves


I like to know what you think:

“Should the function conditional moves and therefore the possibility to analyse various variants in Main Title Tournaments (for example “Kuksu Main Title Tournament 15th Cycle”) be deactivated”.

I think it would be more realistic, and is a better training.

Best regards Sipjin


Analysing variations is a standard part of correspondence play. Conditional moves help them not take so long.

Realistic of what? If you want realistic and training for live games then play live games, where analysis should be disabled by default.


Hi uberdude

Thank you for your opinion!

I admit that it could theoretically shorten games. But not tournaments, because not everybody knows about the feature or use it :).
That’s why I specifically asked about tournaments.

With training I meant brain training, because someone have too think the variation out, without the help of visualising in a tool.
This “little” help could make a big difference in ones ranking.

Blockquote Realistic of what? If you want realistic and training for live games then play live games, where analysis should be disabled by default.

Not everyone has enough time to compete in live tournaments. Correspondence tournaments therefor are a good alternative. That’s why I brought in the “more realistic” argument for discussion.

Best regards Sipjin

This seems a bit strange though. Since you have plenty of time in correspondence, one can easily reproduce the position on a goban at home, or in any other board.

In the context of a tournament I would even expect them to do so, especially since (as mentioned by @Uberdude) this kind of analysis is a staple of correspondence games (even before online play).


If you don’t like correspondence games with analysis you can create your own custom games or tournaments with analysis off.


There’s also a setting to turn off analysis for all your games, if it’s the challenge you’re after.


Hi qnpnpmqppnp,

Okay, I now understand better what uberdude meant . thanks for your reply too!

And I know there are plenty of options to make an analysis in other tools or on a goban.

As said out loud, my question seems not so reasonable anymore.

Best regards Sipjin

Hi jit,

This is exactly what I did ;).

Best regards Sipjin

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Quite. I went on holiday around this move in this Honinbo 2008 title tournament game when I was slightly behind. On a train ride through the Balkans (the Serbia to Montenegro line, highly recommended) I jotted down the position on paper and calculated the sizes of various endgame moves and on my return managed to win the game. I like that aspect of correspondence title tournaments, being able to put in lots of effort to play your very best (I went on to win the Honinbo 2008).