Make shorter way to begin solving go-problems

I think it would be great to make one or several ways to get to go problems faster, without need to choose a category from the list.
May be an option to get to random go-problems with one click from the tab “Problems”.


Not exactly what you mean, also not a one click solution, but it is at least something.

I agree that the categories are not so great. I find there are so many that it’s overwhelming. I just want to do some Go problems, and not have to first solve the problem of which collection to pick!

Unfortunately, I think it’s fair to say that updates to the OGS puzzles section are infrequent at best. Therefore, you may be interested in this workaround :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Point your internet browser at :shushing_face:
  • Click the big green button “Go to problems!” :green_circle:
  • Now you have a Go problem to solve after only one click :wink:
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