Make the context of a game more prominent

I enjoy playing and learning Go on OGS a lot. There is just a technicality that bothers me at times.

I sometimes get games that start without any direct action by myself. I know they stem from tournaments or the ladders, but nothing on the game screen tells me what the context of the game is. And even if on one day I know, I might have forgotten on the next day.

It would be nice to see that somewhere prominently. Like maybe above the boxes that count the time of the two players? Something like “Tournament X game Y” or “Ladder Challenge” and some indication of who challenged whom.

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I know it’s not directly on the game screen, but if you look on the right hand side at the roll out menu, the top icon is a trophy for a tournament or ladder game, and you can click game information for all the other details

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Yeah - I reckon it’d be a worthwhile enhancement to make that trophy highlighted on the first turn of such a game.

I’ve taken to saying “Hi - this is 19x19 Ladder” or similar when I have started such a game (following the lead of someone else who did that for me).


Great idea! I’m sad I didn’t hear of this back in my corr days!

In the mobile version the trophy brings also a text “tournament” or “ladder” which is a little more clear, without clicking or hovering anywhere


True, though contrasting to this, you can’t see it unless you scroll below the comment box, whereas on the desktop view it is always visible.

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Well actually yes, I realized that OGS already gives the games meaningful titles. I was always wondering why they were not displayed on the game screen. Maybe the problem of context could be solved by simply adding a headline on the right above the score boxes on the game screen? On mobile it could either also go on top, or below the board to reduce the amount of necessary scrolling.

Here’s a quick mockup of what I mean on desktop:

I think this enhances the game screen.