Make the display more understandable

Hello everyone I don’t know if this is mentioned before but can the games on the home page display the games that aren’t paused on weekends first .

Some games in weekend is on first but have more time than some other more down below and I set it on clock so I make sure there aren’t games I will timeout.This problem has made me timeout of games that are bellow .If that sounds confusing for you it is that it shows games on weekend pause above som that I will actually timeout in which costed me to timeout in multiple games.I can still scroll down to find one but it takes a lot of time when you have so many games like me.


Warning you that you are at an hour to move in one of those games.


I am not sure it is a good idea, it requires more discussion at least. Chronological order is easy to understand and simple in terms of priorities.

Imagine looking at the page close to the end of the weekend and NOT seeing games that are lowest on time and will be unpaused soon. Might be more accident prone for the majority of players.


I would prefer if games would be in order of time left in my clock, regardless if the clock is running or not. It would make it easier to see on one glance how much i have before losing on time from any of my games.

Often when i am not at home in front of my laptop, and i am uncertain how much time i left on my games, i check the overview on my phone just to see if i should put vacation on. Having to actually scroll and find the game with least time left is extra work, and i’ve had few accidents because this.

But the current system does not work like this, games that are lowest on time are not at the top, but “hidden” somewhere below games that have more time left and are on pause.


Yes, even as someone who usually only has half a dozen or so games at once, this is how I would expect the games to be sorted, and it’s not afaict.

Ah, pardon me then, I misunderstood, and as I use thumbnails I never really noticed the issue :smiley:

there seems to be a github tracker about that, if you noticed any more details consider adding there to keep it active:

I am pretty sure this is a back-end issue, so unfortunatelly probably only anoek can really fix it.