Making use of thickness

Hi everyone,

I am not very good at making use of thickness. I have a good example that came up in one of my games where I built a big wall and don’t really know what to do with it. I am talking about move 18 in this game:
In the game I chose to push one last time, giving a bit more territory to black, and then attack the group on the lower right.

Can someone think of a better course of action?

Many thanks

Looks like a solid plan to me.

As @mark5000 said, I think that strategy sounds good.

Unfortunately we can’t say all that much for an on-going game, otherwise it would be akin to cheating :wink:


Ah yes it makes sense. Let’s put this on hold for now.


“All About Thickness” Ishi Press, by Ishida Yoshio


The game is now ended, so I’m reopening this topic at @Anticycle’s request.

This guy is great…
He has lots of videos and teaches double digits kyu classes.

Hope this does not count as giving you hints to an ongoing game… :slight_smile:

Check Mark5000’s thread unlock comment - that game has ended so commenting on this is ok. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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@MrCplaysgo Thanks a lot for the video it was very good. I already know about the theory from books but I sometimes struggle to put it in practice.

If everyone thinks the attack on the lower right was the best use of this thickness I only have one question remaining: was it correct to stop pushing one last time at move 18 or should I have stopped and protected the E7 cut? Had to think a lot about this during the game.

I dont see the e7 cut as a major threat, though black could peep at it given the right situation. i would nevertheless start to be careful about pushing at this point (or sooner), because black is already on the 4th line and the top left has a black stone.