Malkovich log visible during game

I have been thinking about starting to use the Malkovich log, but I noticed that it is available to be viewed by everyone except your opponent (when your opponent is logged in.) I would much rather have the Malkovich log be private (visible only to me) until the game is complete.

I’m just wondering if there are any compelling arguments to leave it visible to everyone during the game.

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Is it visible to everybody before the game is over? To be honest, I didn’t know that, However, it makes sense that it is because the point of the Malkovich log is to be a teaching tool. Spectators can read the logs as the teaching players as they play so the spectators can understand what they are thinking. What you seem to what is more of a personal game log, which could also serve a purpose, especially in correspondence games.

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I guess that answers my question.

That is what I was thinking, yes. I actually don’t mind if spectators see my Malkovich log too, but it allows a back door for my opponent to read the message log by simply opening the game in a separate browser.

I’m already starting to feel a little bit silly for asking the question though. I highly doubt that any of my opponents are so interested in getting an edge in our game that they would open the game in another browser just to see if I had any notes in the Malkovich log. I will just put my tinfoil hat back on and go sit in my corner.


I wondered about the visibility.

As a minimum, it should only be visible to logged in players and not guests.

However, I feel it should be private until the game is done.

Otherwise, a true private log should be provided.


We actually used to have it such that it was completely hidden until the game was over, but we had a lot of feedback asking us to make it visible to spectators even though it obviously allowed that back door… the argument being exactly what @CylonBunny said, it’s primarily a teaching tool, and it’s pretty much only used when you’re not really worried about your opponent cheating by reading the log.

Yes, but:[quote=“Traveller, post:4, topic:1103”]
it should only be visible to logged in players and not guests


Greetz, Tom

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I’m sorry to revive this old topic, I first wanted to create a new one exactly about this, but then I found this old topic, but why not make it optional like the analysis tool, if it should be visible during or first after the game to everyone? (except the opponent) Or would that cludder the interface too much?

Imo it would be really nice, especially in correspondence games to have a private log that is first visible after the game, without any player to have to worry about some guest or other player suddenly whispering you what your opponent is thinking.

Edit: Hahahaha, I’m sorry ^^; I just found another topic where it is suggested and apparently noted as possibility!

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Sorry for reviving an old topic, but the Malkovich log should not be visible to unlogged users, to prevent an accidental viewing of the log. It happened to me when submitting a bug report and wanting to see how the game looks to others; luckily I was the only one who was Malkoviching.

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For correspondence games, I definitely want a space to take private notes. (This is a staple feature on correspondence chess sites.)

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Well, just because I like being an annoying know it all, no, the purpose of Malkovich is log is precisely to be visible to every spectator and hidden only from your opponent.

But yes, I agree, private notes would be a nice feature too :smiley:

Hey @Adam3141, you misquated me:

But even so, the stated aim of Malkovtich is that every spectator (including non OGS people) can watch.

I’m not aware of it ever being used this way, FWIW.

And I agree that private logs would be great (and much more widely used). There is a feature request in github for this.

Did I? :smiley: Sorry, could not resist. :angel:

I too have only seen a couple of games (there was even a dedicated thread a couple of cycles ago, but sadly no really high ranking players joined). But it’s a shame, I think it’s such a nice feature and could be a lot of fun if hyped correctly. Online streaming kind of killed it I think, but still having acces to both player’s minds, not just one’s, sounds like a lot of fun to me. :slight_smile: