Managing Handicap and Komi in tournaments

So I started making a series of handicap tournaments for the Serenity group. I want these tournaments to have automatic handicaps because I find games to be more enjoyable this way.

Recently I have a Dan level player join in on our current 9x9 tourney. That’s fine, I’d like these tourneys to be open to anyone, the issue is most of their match-ups ended up being 4-stone handicaps against them. In my experience playing against a 4-stone handicap is almost broken. I wonder if it’s possible to limit the automatic maximum handicap to 3-stones?

I also got the suggestion to set the Komi to a fixed number. I had Komi automatic as well, because I think the system tries to use it to fine-tune the handicap. Would fixing Komi at 5.5 for all players be appropriate? How will that effect the automatic handicap?

I looking for input from anyone with experience with the automatic handicap system or managing tournaments here, though any input would be helpful.

Thank you! : >

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Hi the real problem was that i had games with 5/4 handi stones in this 9*9 tournament against a 18/17k player and several 15/14k. I could won against the 17k cause he made some mistakes that the 14/15k didnt.
When the game started I knew that i was fucked up if my opponant just defended. That s my only win (the second is a nice 6k player who had pity for me and understood i couldnt win and gave up when I didnt want it)

Had 5 handi stones against a 15k and lost like a 99 kyu and made a amical game after it with 3 handi stones and won easily.
So i thought that maybe put a restriction of level to not have this kind of situation. Or make a restriction of handi stones in some situations playing with the komi.

Maybe i played bad but i dont think, i think they played in the aim to keep advantage and win automaticaly.

Thank you