Many Faces of Go program considers the 3-3 invasion bad

Currently I’m using the Crazy Stone program as an upgrade for my venerable Many Faces Of Go program for computer play. But Many Faces If Go still has some useful features, so I use it sometimes. I’ve just discovered though that by studying Joseki positions the program actually marks the 3-3 invasion point (after an opponents initial 4-4 placement) to be a bad move. And now that I think of it the computer opponent never plays 3-3.

I thought the 3-3 invasion was completely sound, a tried and tested Joseki. Is it considered a bit dubious these days?

Thanks for your reply.

If you mean how long have I been playing go, it’s been about 7 years, albeit not constantly. For the past few months I usually play at least a game a day, up against a computer opponent of about 15-10 kyu. The first book I got was Go For Beginners by Kaoru Iwamoto, which gave me a solid starting point. It was there where I first read about 3-3 invasions .

Yep in short: before AI a few years ago, invading early at sansan was considered bad. Reverse now.
I did start with that “in the beginning” book too, and it was a jewel for me, an incredible good book valid at many levels with clear and concise wording.
Sadly he became a bit obsolete.

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