Match between Awesome Baduk and Rhône Alpes

Hi there
It’s Loïc from LRA to tell you we’re organizing again a match against some group, but no city that time ! (LRA is the gathering of several city near Alpes, among them Lyon and Grenoble)

So, like the LRA vs Quebec, vs Canada, vs Moscow or also the wwtc we will face the world again but that time, not with a city/country but with a group : Awesome Baduk!

But first, what is Awesome Baduk ?!

Awesome Baduk is an interactive online education site created by Koreans Cho Yeonwoo 2p and Young Sun Yoon 8p and coded by German programmer Rasmus Buchmann 3d.
It’s also a community and you can join the discord, tournaments and activities here: Both stream will be in English * :wink:

How does it work?

  • 8 games with people of a similar level within the same game (between ~ Fox 8d and ~ Fox 10k)
  • 4 games played at 5pm (Kr time) – 10h00 (Fr time) and commented by Cho Yeonwoo from Awesome baduk
  • 4 games played at 8pm (Kr time) – 1:00 p.m. (Fr time) and commented by Motoki Noguchi 7D from Rhône-Alpes
  • the event will be the sunday 21nov (to compare the time zones: Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator)


  • AGA Rules Time: 45mn + 3x30s byo-yomi (a little more time than expected since we have a little more time and probably spectators)


At 10 AM CET Cho Yeonwoo 2p from Awesome Baduk will comment on Twitch : Twitch

At 1PM CET Motoki Noguchi 7D from Rhône-Alpes will comment on the Baduk French Federation Twitch : Twitch


Following table should be definitive by now =)

All the information here : La ligue va affronter Awesome Baduk ! – Ligue Rhône Alpes de go (actually almost the same information than just before but also in French ^^

(also it’s completely out of topic but I organise the TIGGRE-Ellie cup in Grenoble, don’t hesitate to come xD)

Enjoy ! :smiley:

Nice. Hope to have some of the games recorded here too, maybe?

It will be played on OGS :wink:
I will mainly update the linked website =)

Aaah then perfect!

Actually I put the Fox level because it is the more accurate (until 6-7d) or at least it speaks to people all around the world :wink:

Is there a translation list of the avatars / real names somewhere ?

no, we chose to let those people anonymous :smiley:
(actually i forgot to ask the consent for publishing real names :sweat_smile: and as it was against an internet group, we stayed on internet IDs only :wink: )

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The difference is 3 ranks and the match will be with 4 handicap stones??

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It must be counting the mysterious 0kyu. Some say it’s the sort of limbo or purgatory between kyu and Dan level.


Fox level is an estimation
Moxelliot is OGS ~8k and piwh is fox2d
I had to chose so I chose that

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