Matches between groups

I would like to propose an idea to make functionality on the OGS that will allow holding matches between groups. The basis can be taken from how such matches take place on
The administrators of the two groups agree on the conditions and regulations of the match, then the players of both groups register in the match and take part. The number of games is regulated by the number, that is, if 8 players from one group have registered, and 10 from the other, then there will be 8 games.
I am sure that the appearance of matches between groups will significantly affect the development of groups on the OGS.


Neat idea. I wonder how hard this would be :thinking:


I like this idea. Sounds inspiring to me.

You can do this manually though…why should ogs make this a priority?

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I feel possibilites for Group/Team Tournaments :smiley:

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