Maximum Fischer Time Settings for Live Games

I guess this change didn’t get made yet.


1,000,000.00 hours is a nice round number that also just so happens to pretty closely align with the upper bound of human life expectancy, especially factoring in age you learn to play :wink: seems like a fittingly almost infinite upper bound for fischer games :grin:

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If we wanted to play British championship games on OGS then this 1 hour max limit would stop us from doing so.

I say remove it.

Also I’m not a fan of OGS making you forfeit games when your still have time left on your clock. If you have 30 mins left on your clock then your should be able to take a 20 minute think / nap and then continue without OGS busybody declaring you lost after 5 minutes from disconnection.


I mean just don’t close the tab/close out of the game and you won’t lose by disconnection.

I’ve certainly spent very long amounts of time thinking in some tournament games on OGS and didn’t get the game forfeit.

Regarding the Fischer cap, I also don’t understand why it’s there.


I don’t, but Android Chrome seems to effectively do so behind the scenes, possibly as a mobile battery saving feature.


Hmm that would be annoying. I wonder would the Android app work better?

Is this already a problem with the ability to carry one hour into endgame? What about the 4 hour byo-yomi games that are currently possible on OGS?
I’d suspect people to play long games like that with opponents they (kind of) know. Is there a way to check how many of such games are challenges open to anyone?
And a more important question: Do you/we care about having tournaments like the european championship on OGS?


It sounded like he was expecting no max time at all, just the initial time and the increment.


so… real fischer then :wink:


One year is 8760 hours (365 x 24).
One million (1.000.000) hours is 114 years (1.000.000 : 8760 = 114)

Just factchecking you mate. Correct!


that was a very fascinating rabbit hole to explore, thank you


This seems unlikely to be a practical problem though I would suggest. I can’t believe that a troll would want to bother spending what, 1.5 hours playing and then waiting around 2 hours just to annoy a single opponent. If you are that sort of person don’t you want to get in a few more wind ups per hour than that?

Personally I don’t see the problem with uncapped Fischer time and showing a warning triangle if there is a theoretical possibility of going over some limit, say 90 minutes or something.

I’ve commented on other threads and on GitHub I think that at the very least EGF class A games should be playable on OGS. E.g 65m+5s


I guess these games might at least sometimes be serious tournament games where the players are streaming/recording under tourney rules which might help with this objection!

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The title of this thread and the original post failed to say that this discussion is about LIVE GAMES. It would appear that the one-hour limit is OGS saying that anything more than one hour is a fast correspondence game. Is there still a problem in that light? If you want more than 1 hour, just set up the game as a correspondence game.

Smallest initial time and max time for correspondence games is 1 day. That’s ridicolous for the European Go Championship. Do we not care about that?


Thanks for the correction. I didn’t know about the 1 day limit. The answer might be to change that limit rather than the Live game limit.

At the same time, your gratuitous, rhetorical question is unnecessarily hostile.

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I dream colored cursors covering from blitz to correspondance.
One cursor only for each parameter.
The color would vary from green to red (calculation taking in account all the parameters) to help to figure out not convenient or unusual settings.

So maybe there’s more of a chance to get this update if we come up with a concrete limit to increment it to.

This seems reasonably concrete.

But more so if we take the games being played now I think the settings are 1hr+30s increment.

If you blitzed the first 60 moves you could gain 30 minutes.

So I feel like even bumping the cap up to 2 hours is probably going to be reasonable?

If you blitzed a 200 move game (that is 100 moves) you’re still only gaining about 50 minutes, so 2 hours isn’t sounding unreasonable to me.

Again looking at @teapoweredrobot’s quotes from above.

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Thanks for the hint, I’ve updated the title and my original post.

No hostility intended, but I stated in my original post, that this is an issue for an EGF tournament (which is btw ongoing) and this seems to be ignored by the counter-arguments I’ve read here. Anyway I tend to ask such questions to figure out the common ground, because misunderstandings are too common, especially on the internet.


The limit between correspondance and live time is a bit hard to fix and opinion may vary a lot.
In mine, as long as the game doesn’t become a visit for a few moves every now and then, the game is a live game. So a 2hr/player game can surely be live or even a 4hr with a lunch break.

Even I consider these 2 days games of famous japanese pro titles to be in the live category.


A consideration is that there are malicious escapers who will leave the tab open in order to evade the disconnection clock. These clowns are more common than one might think.

Is it practicable to create a special category of settings just for events such as EGF games?