May i get review for my game(24k me vs 25k other player)?

wmp224 vs. kutayc this is the game

Im not sure theres all that much i can say about that game, other than:

  • its often bit bad idea to directly attach to your opponents stones, espesially in the opening. When you attach to your opponent, your own stone will only have 3 liberties (empty intersections around it) so it will immidietly be much weaker than a stone that has all 4 liberties around it. Of course somewhere along the game you cant avoid touching directly to your opponents stones, but on the early stages its better to avoid doing that

  • I think your opponent also played bit weird opening by starting in center, most often you’ll see the first 4 stones of the game being played near the corners, since those are the easiest places to surround for territory - you only need to surround the corner from 2 directions in order to make it as your territory.

  • at the end you dont need to capture opponents stones which are your area if those stones are dead, in fact when you’re playing inside your own area you’re actually losing 1 point for each stone since thats reducing your territory. For dead stones, you can just consider those as captures after passes.

Other than those, i dont think i can say much else useful… Good luck for your future games!


I posted a review with some comments.

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thank you for both comments :pray:

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If I may generalize from q…'s review: when you are placing stones, an important question to answer is “which part of the board is this stone helping me surround, and how big is that?”

Each of the comments in q…'s review that I read could be looked at in this way “Why are you putting this stone here, it doesn’t seem to be adding to the territory we are going to surround?”.

One good answer to that question is “I am putting this stone here to stop my opponent from splitting my existing stones”. Your move 20 might have been for this reason. If your opponent played there, it would cut between your two stones. q…'s comment was that “this cut doesn’t work”. What this means is that if black plays there you will atari him and kill him, so he no longer separates your stones. That means that there is no risk of black playing there, it won’t be good for black. So you didn’t need to play there either :slight_smile:

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I hope you may also comment on the game we are playing now. :smile:
No mater what phase of the game.
It is said that comment during the game is not proper, so after the game finishing.

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Please wait till after the game is finished before inviting comments on it :wink:


Thank you for your reminding. I just knew that yesterday.