Maybe 2024 will be better

I think the interpretation of this is strongly dependent on ones perspective!

I read about the case somewhere and while initially the council seemed to have some legitimate concernes, they increasingly turned more ludicrous, like demanding that everything that was being made and sold be sourced within a certain miles radius from the farm.

Some things are about perspective, some things are just inane.
I am actually in favour of regulations, but with the stipulation that they are made by people that actually know what they are doing and, more importantly, why (for what practical purpose that improves our lives).

For example, on the matter of compliance, there have been new rules here about buildings and modifications and property. They have to match the original proposed plan and dimensions EXACTLY. To the millimeter. That is obviously a rule made by someone whose last actual measurement was made with a ruler back in kindergarten during crafts. :thinking:
Everyone knows that each tool has a small margin of error and even if the tool could be made to be perfect, there exists a margin of error within the human that uses the tool and takes the measurement. You could use the same person, using the same tools, making the same measurements on the same wall and take 5 measurements that will not have the exact same value.

Whoever made that law was just daft. Noone asked for that rule. Noone’s life was improved by it. There is no perspective under which that makes practical sense.


That was the top comment on the video

Also the linked article. You can never trust a comment or “someone said” on the internet. :slight_smile:

Tonight’s match in the European Football Championships:

These guys (jumping “links & rechts” = “left & right” and dressed in orange)…

… versus these guys (driving around honking and waving/wearing their national flag)

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I didn’t watch the game, but it seems the jumpers beat the honkers.


A “Grey Wolves Salute” in the second video

[for some reason I can’t currently add a screenshot, instead I get the “Processing Upload” msg and the rotating 3/4 circle below the text field :roll_eyes:]


I believe that hand gesture is also the famous University of Texas “hook 'em horns”. Looks like someone needs to apply for patent protection. :laughing:

In the context of University of Texas supporters, this gesture is typically done in a slightly different way, with the middle and ring fingers folded down under the thumb:


However, in the grey wolves salute, it seems that it specifically involves forming a point (resembling a snout) with the thumb, middle, and ring fingers.

There’s a lot of cultural history involving both forms of this hand sign

From that article:

The Japanese kawaii metal band Babymetal uses the kitsune sign, their own variation of the sign of the horns, symbolizing their personal deity, the Fox God. The middle, ring finger, and thumb join at the tips to form the snout, the extended index and pinky fingers are the ears.[22][23] This gesture is similar in appearance to the salute of the Turanist Grey Wolves movement.

There’s an even a emoji code for this sign (the non-snout version), which is called “metal” by this forum software



Come to think of it, those Texas Longhorn fans put an actual hook in their index and baby fingers. I somehow doubt they’ve given the matter much thought, but I’m often wrong.

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We often hear in real life the quite idiotic statement “voting doesn’t change anything, it is pointless”. Show them this video instead of trying to argue with them :wink: