Maybe 2024 will be better

It took me a bit to understand the headline of this article properly. At first, I thought it was talking about the emergence of the periodical cicadas.

“Sensational upset awakens USA from 100-year cricketing hibernation”

Edit: the one-box created for this article actually uses a different headline


I would put good money on them never having a test team though.

Well, yeah, how could a cicada even hold the ball or bat?

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I like how this article, similar to Tony Hawk’s career, just seamlessly transitions into shilling for Starbucks.

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I’d bet that the editors did that on purpose.


Oh. I confused crickets with cicadas (thx for mentioning cicadas, @yebellz)


How d’ya like them noodles?

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The crop circles of the 2020s?


Maybe 2024 will be better - for me to start playing Shogi at


There is no electricity in four countries, most of Bosnia, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro.

A major power outage hit Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania and most of Croatia’s coast on Friday, disrupting businesses, shutting down traffic lights and leaving people sweltering without air conditioning in the middle of a heatwave.

Electricity and wifi networks went down from around 1 p.m. (1100 GMT), officials and social media users said.

Many lost water in Podgorica as pumps stopped working, locals reported. Air conditioners shut down and ice cream melted in tourist shops.

There was also traffic gridlock in the Croatian coastal city of Split, state TV HRT reported.


I like how this was a specific issue that the journalist found worth mentioning among the other impacts


Yes, because you cannot re-freeze ice cream. Of course everything else defrosted as well, but even if that is beyond the scope/specs of all those products, once the power returns they will most probably be refrozen and, eventually, used and served/sold.

You cannot write that as a journalist though or you will get sued to oblivion. So, the “standard innuendo” is to talk about the ice cream. :wink:


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