Meaning of the scores on game thumbnails

I’m curious about the meaning of the scores that show up when you see a game thumbnail. Are these estimates of the progress of the game? Perhaps this is already made clear somewhere and someone can point me to the resource. Thanks.

Like this one:
Perhaps that link doesn’t make a visible image. White has just played and there is a notation of “6.5 points” on the lower right side of the screen. Black is to play, and there is a notation of “0 points” on the upper left.

Komi + captures



The meaning is to confuse everyone with a practically irrelevant metric. As well as captures and komi it also includes currently surrounded solid territory iirc.


What? I didn’t want to believe you, so I checked a few games just to find out you are right.

Thanks for those comments - good to know, even if it isn’t a good predictor of where the game is going.

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