Message box on main site

There is message box system on the forum.

On the main site now when I communicate with a player I see some permanency of the pm. But I don’t see any direct access (sent, inbox,archive…) to these pm, besides clicking a name to send a pm or waiting for a pop up answer.
Did I miss some fonctionality? How can I retrieve a communication if I forgot the name for ex?


I fear you can’t


I’m pretty sure the messages aren’t permanent either. They clear after a while.


o I guessed that (I dunno how long they stay exactly?)
Would it cost a lot of server memory to have a kind of simple mailbox? The pm could still automatically disappear (with a short warning in the description).
It’s just you have to manage your pm on time and as soon you delay, you get into some weird and uneasy procedure to get them back with no guarantee to succeed (let say you just closed that popup too quickly and you already forgot who wrote to you for ex)

Another way would be to integrate the discourse mailbox and the pm on the main site, to regroup all together. When you click a name , send a message as now, the message system managing it will instead be the one of the forum (discourse)

Besides it’s a bit confusing to have two systems in parallel, which one you use if you want to register for an activity, to report something… you can miss communications or lose some with uncarefulness.

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