Meta Discussion

Hello experienced and unexperienced forum participants.

I am interested in discussing many topics about Go. However, everytime I start to type a topic, I get the feeling that I may be recreating an existing topic. There is also the problem of bringing back an old topic which seems to be unacceptable.

I have decided to stop waiting and searching, rather I will now ask outright.

What topics are you interested in? What topics are you tired of seeing? What can we do to create vibrant discussions full of life and inspiration?

While I expect I will mostly participate by liking posts and reading, I do hope this creates a place for new conversations to grow.

PS: I sincerely hope this is posted in the right area.

If you want to create vibrant discussions full of life and inspiration you have to stop this: “While I expect I will mostly participate by liking posts and reading,”

If you are “interested in discussing many topics about Go”, you should do so. At the very least, you could mention some of the “many topics about Go” you would like to discuss.

Also, there’s this:

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Wow, that was a fascinating link. I appreciate the feedback. I have a few communcation habits that I want to break, and that article seemed to help me.

I guess starting a topic is like taking the initiative to play in a new area of the board. I must first decide a goal, then find an effective way to use the current position to achieve said goal. In that sense this discussion topic reminds me of playing a slow thoughtless exchange that gains nothing and probably wastes some aji.

Feel free to let this thread die right here, I will try again.

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Thanks for that link, @Wulfenia, that was some nice edutainment :smiley:

Being an eternal student of communication, though, even 30+ years after dropping out of university, I’m not all against meta-communication; but I guess the author also isn’t, otherwise he wouldn’t have written that meta-meta-meta-meta (have I omitted one level?) blog entry :joy:

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