Min. rank > challenger's rank

If I remember correctly, when I was 30k and tried to create challenges with minimum rank set to 29k, the system did not allow it because the minimum rank was above my own.

Now I saw a 20k min. rank challenge from a 30k player. (for a ranked game, no handi.) Maybe nobody can accept the challenge. It’s not only above their rank, but over 9 ranks difference. (I put this in Support category because maybe it affects new players if the challenge waits forever.)

I also created a 15k min. rank challenge while being 26k, just to see if it would let me. And it did. It should be impossible for anyone to accept this game, I think; is this true?


The normal behavior would be, that the opponent’s rank restrictions do not interscale with your own. That means, you can open up a challenge for a 1d to 7d, if you prefer that. Above these rank restrictions is the 9-ranks rule though, which means you play ranked only against someone 9 ranks lower or higher. This does not apply to unranked games. :smiley:

As an example: You are 25k and open a ranked challenge for people from 15-30k. This will be perfectly possible, but only 16k-30k will be able to accept (because 25k-9ranks is 16k).
Another example: You are 25k and open an unranked challenge for people from 1d to 5k. This is perfectly possible! :smiley:

Ah whoops, we’ll get that fixed up, thanks!