Mini bug on web page when updating rank

I’ve seen several times.

  1. I play a game against a stronger opponent.
    Then I click in the top right corner => it shows my old rank
  2. I click on my userid over there => it shows my old rank in a small pop up window (with the old score and error)
  3. I click again on my userid=>it opens my profile page.
    =>I click on my userid appearing in the middle left => it shows my updated rank
  4. I start a new game
    => I appear (in the game page) still with my old rank

Only I reload the page using my navigator reload button, and I redo 2 3 4 then my new rank appears and is displayed in the new game.
This is with Safari 13.1 on mac os catalina

That’s a caching problem. The user infos aren’t updated continuously. After it updated in one place, it should update everywhere (but I’m not sure if it updates at all).

On the profile page, the rank used yould be the one we get with the request of the profile data. (I wonder if we can trigger an update if both mismatch).

I have just seen it again. Probably the more annoying thing (but not dramatic right) is the fact that for the next game I’m still displayed with the old rank. I did not/could not check that it also affects the game I’m allowed to play. In practice, i’m refreshing my page every time there is a chance my rank has improved.

Refreshing doesn’t necessarily update your cookies. Since rank displayed is retrieved from local cookies not the server, a delay can be expected.

this should come direct from the server and should not be affected by the local cookie issue

No. It isn’t.

I’ve just verified that the rank it displays for me in the list of proposed game is the old one. I cancel, refresh, recreate the game, and then it is the new one. Why is the rank displayed in the list of proposed game does not come from the server ? My possible opponents do not see my true rank.

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