Mini games in the forum

Okay so basically we suggest and vote games here and play in another thread but we will explain the rules here and give a link or quote the rules post and also put it in your game thread .if you want to join like the post or you can say I want to play.

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Okay there are no games here so this is kind of boring so let’s start with a would you rather game in the forum.simply just say I want to participate but I do not want this to get way too spammy so here we go

What if we turned this thread into the thread to talk about what games we want to play, and then we create a new thread for each game? Oh and I am up for participating too.

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Interactive Role-playing game!
You are an Angel tasked with protecting the Spirt Realm. Your brother, the Devil, is planning to steal the Horns of Fire, and raise an army of men and women, beasts and monsters alike, from the dead. You must stop him. The fate of the Spirit Realm hangs in the balance.

Attempt to dissuade your brother from taking over the world. After all, he is your brother.

Will update later.

Get the Halo of Justice, to counteract the Horns of Fire.

Will update later.

Alert the Spirit Police, tasked with protecting the Spirit Realm, and attempt to gather an army to fight the Devil’s army.

Will update later.

Update 1.0.0: First beta-release of the game. Created Backstory and choices.
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That is up to the director. I personally would like to play next time.

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What do you mean?

The top post

I can’t edit an actual post, although I can edit the title or category of a thread.

Um if I have an idea for a game, where would I put it?

but it is a game that you can come and go. there are no sign-ups.

Why don’t you just make a new thread in the category “Forum Games”? And then post a link here.