Mini Lesson on Reading and Ladders

Hello folks!

I was doing some studying, and decided I’d share one of my favorite reading exercises. It’s a simple topic, but it goes over how to read a basic sequence, and more importantly why.

It’s not too in depth, but it’s a decent starting point if you want to get more confident in your reading. Enjoy!


Very nice, thanks!

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You’re welcome!

In answer to your question in the chat, a ladder breaker is a free move because it forces your opponent to either capture directly, or to play a move that makes the ladder work for them again. A broken ladder that gets played out is way too disastrous , since the ladder stones get cut to pieces, and gives the player with the broken ladder a very strong wall. The longer the ladder, the more painful it is when it’s broken.


Added a couple of additional branches with some continuations

Thanks that was interesting :smile: