Minimum timeout in stone removal phase

When you play very fast blitz games (like 10 seconds per move), you only get 10 seconds to select dead stones in the stone removal phase. In reality, because there is a slight delay until you can click anything, you only get 1-2 seconds.

It would be great if there was a minimum of at least 1 minute regardless of the time setting in the game.


@anoek seems fair?

Good point!

On the other end of the continuum there are also time outs of 10 minutes in a 19 x 19 AST with 10 minutes playtime per person. And sometimes black waits for close to 10 minutes before placing the first stone in the game. I can imagine that white is not there anymore or has forgotten about the game. So the time out period can also be used as a tactical (but rather anti-social) strategy to win the game.
Furthermore other players in the tournament have to wait longer than necessary for the next round.
Maybe some readjusting of time out periods for blitz and normal games (anything with up to 30 seconds per move) is something to think about?

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in such a situation, white should just cancel. However, this is not related to stone removal timer, and thus should be discussed elsewhere so as not to derail the discussion topic.

What? I can’t believe there is a time pressure when arranging a finished game to be counted. What’s the point to not be a relaxed time?

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What is the consequence of cancelling a game in a tournament?

So that people don’t just abandon at the scoring phase when they see they are losing, and let the game hang indefinitely.

Still not related to the thread topic, which specifically addresses the timer during the scoring phase. Further discussion will be moved to a different thread.

In the case of a tournament, it counts as a loss, a TD can correct this if it’s just a matter of points and not DQ, although not for the auto sitewide ones.


I I didn’t say no time, just relaxed… Not really a good idea to me to put pressure because a few of us could abuse it.

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you have no idea…

It’s clearly not that bad currently, otherwise we’d get more complaints… as OP mentioned, seems to be primarily an issue with very fast blitz


Ok I have to get more used to the online world, I come from a world where we simply stop the clocks before counting and no one will then run away :smiley:

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The physical world has many nice features like this :slight_smile: