Minor scoring error

I recently played a game where there seems to have been a minor scoring error:

I believe H6 should have been black. Didn’t realise until after the score had been accepted; it’s not a big deal and it doesn’t really change the outcome at all. I’ve had issues with correct scoring for this kind of black + white shape previously in other games. In general I’m not sure when its worth reporting issues with scoring - which is why I’ve made this thread.

Is this the kind of bug that’s worth reporting? Or for something this minor is it just expected that the players will correct it?

H6 should not be black.

Technically, H6 and J9 should both be marked as neutral (non-territory), since they are eyes part of a seki. Under Japanese rules, the eyes of stones in seki do not count as territory.

Scoring requires manual input in these sort of situations. The point at J9 should have been clicked to toggle it to be neutral (marked with a blue square). H6 was correctly scored as non-territory, and the only scoring mistake was counting J9 as territory for White.

Of course, in the end, it was just a minor, one-point scoring mistake that did not change the outcome of the game.

Interesting, I thought only shared territory didn’t count. Well, I’m glad I made this thread! From now on I’ll stop toggling seki eyes to territory, even if they’re only surrounded by one colour.

Please show an eye surrounded by more than one colour!
(maybe you meant “even though” not “even if”)

Sorry, I meant the unplayed territory within a seki!

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But please be sure that you only do this when playing Japanese rules since eyes in seki do score under Chinese rules…