Minus rank than oneself ...does it mean someone stronger or weaker?

This s to create the game. I want to play w no weaker than 19 b/c I m playing w handicaps.

Question unclear to me.

But when creating a game you can check “restrict rank” box and then chose min and max rank.
Which should be self-explanatory, but on the off-case that’s what you are confused about set min rank to 19 and max rank to whatever you want. That way only player’s stronger than 19k will be able to accept.

25kuy is the lowest rank 1k is a much stronger player. With dans, it is the other way around the higher number dan the stronger player.

I understand the business with k’s and d’s. but my confusion is when I am preparing the games minus - greater + Minus of me …does it mean someone stronger or weaker? I am 19k
That s all i need to know. Thank you.

Oh you mean the automatch settings.

minus equals ranks weaker than oneself. Thus if you are a 19k and want to only play 19k or stronger leave the - box at zero.


Thank you, Adam.

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