Misclick on phone

In a few days I made a bunch of miss click in my correspondence games.
I selected the confirm button option but, each time I have to scroll down to reach it and by doing this I select another move and then confirm without noticing I changed.
It’s kind of bad ergonomy and annoying. The confirm button should be in the same screen as the game, like on top of the buttons for moving forward, backward… Or somewhere else, as long as I can access it without putting my finger on the board.


I’m unable to resist pointing out that you mean misclick and that miss click sounds like the kind of centrefold you might have in a Go magazine. :grinning:


Thanks for correcting my english


Unfortunately web development for phones is a bit tricky. As far as I am concerned this is how it should currently look on the majority of modern phones:

But there being so many phones and custom browsers for them (most of which fake different window resolution to make pages more readable) it is impossible to really tweak for each.

If you share a screenshot and your browser and version, we might have a look, but it is quite possible the only practical solution will be on your side (different browser or change settings or fullscreen mode). If there is not enough vertical space to accomodate the button the only change we could do would be to try and make the player’s boxes smaller, which would be a pretty big and scary edit, and I doubt any of the contributors would risk it :grin: though you never know.

Sorry for the text wall.


No problem with the text wall at all.

A solution would be to permute the confirm button with the arrows buttons.

arrows buttons are no use when submit button is to use, and when submit button disappear it gives place for the arrows buttons again.

I understand the difficulties to be adapted to all kind of browsers/phones but I think it should be prioritize to have the submit on the same page as the game, and that looks possible. Or I have to scroll down carefully (to avoid a misclick) for every move I play.


I understand that this may not be the best solution for you, but is the situation improved if you hold your phone horizontally? There may be more room for the submit button like that.

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Horizontal layout is just awful, lot of empty spaces wasted, ridiculous use of space for the board.
Vertical layout at least optimize well the board size.


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…and this is why an iOS app is long overdue.

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I was just going to say that the Android app is great for avoiding this problem! But yes, doesn’t help with iOS…

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The app is great if you just play, yes. Now I like to do more so I will still open the browser too ( checking the forum, some puzzles…).
I would prefer to simply stay with OGS website.
Ok anyway, I’ll manage with suggestions, it’s just I really hate to misclick and if I try to be more careful it’s not really what I like to remind myself when playing each move in my games, so I’m sure it will happen again until I get bored of that kind of care.

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Wait can’t you choose the double click option because it is like you have to make the same move twice, the chances of misclicking in the same coordinate twice isn’t that high , is it?


Looks like this for me on (old) iPhone SE. It doesn’t actually play a move (or change the move) on the board for me if
I scroll. Only when the scroll is more or less stopped does it place a stone.

I kind of misclick I do all the time is click the katago/ai review bar when I’m pressing the back and forward buttons to go through the game either after a game is over or in the sgf library. Also pressing the back button a few times sometimes highlights the level of the ai review for some reason (although unless that happens to other people it could just be my touchscreen)


There is some chance to click twice wrong, especially if you don’t really check where you clicked first because your finger hides the move. With a confirm you need to put away your finger which make the check more natural. (Without that problem of scrolling ofc)

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Does Opera have some sort of fulscreen mode? That would probably be the simplest immediate “help” as the two bars is what limits the space… I seem to recall the feature was requested for years, but not sure if they made it happen.

Otherwise I completely get the annoyance and indeed putting submit over arrows might work in theory. I have not poked around that part of the code, but assume it might not be super hard. I am not sure if it would not cause discomfort for others - speaking strictly for myself I use the arrows all the time, even with a potential submit stone present, either to check past sequence or to call the analyze mode, so I would miss them, but not sure how common that is.

That said, I am certainly not gonna try to program that anytime soon, my priorities lie elsewhwere, sorry. Anyone willing to try feel free to check our github :slight_smile: but (again completely personal opinion) I am not sure it would be an ideal solution.

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Chrome and Samsung browser do. I use them both.
@Goule, what browser do you use?
In Chrome, option “add to home screen” (or similar, I don’t know the exact translation)

creates a shortcut that opens in fullscreen without url bar:

I fear my screen is taller than yours, but removing that bar could be helpful.
And having a direct link to OGS in your home screen is helpful indeed. :smile:

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A possibly interesting observation is that on safari on iphone, if you scroll down a page normally the url shrinks and the bottom bar disappears. However this doesn’t actually work an OGS games page. It does work on other pages like the profile page for example.

It could have something to do with the game being nested inside a frame or something? Like maybe the page would fit on screen without the game been shown and it’s not triggering the auto hide feature?

Maybe this makes sense to someone here and if it is relevant? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4117377/how-do-i-hide-the-address-bar-on-iphone

If you played as many games as I do it will be annoying.