First of all, you can’t blame anyone else for a misclick. However, it can cost the result of a game. It’s easier to fix a misclick in a 13x13 or 19x19 round, because it’s larger, and you have a greater amount of oportunities. But the misclick itself is still trouble no matter how big the board is. Though there is a 50% chance you happen to do a misclick, wether on a real board or not, you also have 50% of chance to avoid it. Here’s some tips and tricks:

  1. You can clear your surrounding so your mouse don’t bump into anything. Even your keyboard! (Makes me wonder, why would you need a keyboard when playing a game?)
  2. Don’t move your mouse until you’re ready. I know, I know, people has been telling that ever since you started playing go! (No technically, cuz people has been saying: "don’t grab a stone until you know where exactly you want to go!)
    Unfortunetely, there are only so many ways you can avoid a misclick…but still!
    A major question comes up next-
    Do you think you should get a REDO for your misclick?
    I know for sure many people would say- “Of course!” If you are one of those people, think again. In fact, think two extra times! First, you hear your teachers, parents, etc, always say, “careful where you place your stones!” or nowadays, “Careful where you click!” Both means the same, of course. And that’s just ONE reason. The misclick is caused because of who?----you! I’m not saying you shouldn’t feel bad because of it, but what I think to myself is- “Better luck next time! The misclick only shows what you lack in order to improve!” Works everytime I feel bad about it!
    So, do you think it’s fair to get a redo for your misclciks/mistakes? Why or why not? (Not a state test questions, Lol, sounds like it) :wink:

Just to remind everyone. If you often misclick, you can adjust your move submission settings to require a double click or even ‘submit’ button.

When it comes to my own rare misclicks. I generally try to live with them. If I’m confident that my opponent would enjoy the game more with a correction then I may ask an undo.

I almost always grant them.


I use submit but
1 I lose time which is a problem in blitz
2 … I still misclick mostly because I have to scroll down the board to reach to the submit button on my phone.

I grant undo for misclick because I m more interested by the brain of my opponent as by a win. If undo is not granted to me, well ok that’s life.