Misclick Tip for Correspondence Games

Although it is well known that you can replace a misclick simply by playing your real move before hitting the submit button, I just discovered that the misclick disappears by itself after a certain period of time (about 5 minutes?) if you don’t click “submit.” I have never heard this mentioned before, so I thought I would pass it on.


Why would anyone wait 5 minutes rather than simply playing the move they wanted to play in the first place?

Also, I imagine that any move would disappear after 5 mins, not just a misclick…

Also… why did you place a stone and then leave the board for 5 minutes? Or how else did you discover this?

All this applies to games where the submit button option is enabled in settings:

In case anyone is unaware, you can also remove the misclick from the board by playing illegally(on top of one of your existing stones for example) to return the board to it’s appearance prior to your move.

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The misclick occurred while I was still analyzing. Something else that may not be known is that the analysis resets automatically, either after a long time, or after some limit of complexity is reached, I’m not sure which. It resets if it is dormant for a while, but also when one is active. So it reset on me just as I was placing a stone in analysis. That then became a move. After a minute of surprise and panic, I clicked analysis and continued. When I came back to the game mode, the misclick was gone. Oddly, the misclick move may be the best after all—I haven’t decided yet.:smiley: