Misclicking 2.0


With my clumsy hands I regularly misclick. I don’t want to ask for an undo every time it happens, because it is annoying (not at least for my opponent).
So in most cases I don’t ask for an undo. And yes, it did cause me to lose some games I could have won. A pity but not really a problem.

At first I regarded a misclicked stone as just a loss, but later I started to look at the misclicked stone’s aji. Every stone, where ever you place it, has aji.

The next step was trying to exploit that aji. Sometimes trying to directly exploit it by adding a stone, but most of the times indirectly by trying to guide my opponent to a position in which my misclicked stone becomes useful.

An advantage is that my opponent also has to start dealing with an unusual situation and therefore cannot rely on routine moves or acquired theoretical go knowledge.

Am I the only one who thinks like this?
If not, what are your thoughts on giving a positive turn to a misclick?

Misclicking opens doors to the unknown and you may boldly go where no one has gone (go-ed?) before.


On topic but not directly related to your question:

Are you aware you can change your submit move options between

  • single click submit,
  • double click submit, and
  • submit move button

The last two will significantly reduce the possibility for misclicks.


“A stone in the hand wants to be played,” the Japanese say – so a mouse in the hand wants to be clicked.


Thanks. I vaguely was aware of it.
Maybe I will change it.

But there is not an option for Blitz game submit mode.

I think that’s what Dwyrin (as many others, I suppose) is looking for when he plays his “probe” moves.
Of course they aren’t misclicks, but they create for the opponent the same strange situation: where you have to deal with unexpected moves.

I believe they are unexpected just because of rank and experience. A more strong and experienced player would just call them probes rather than weird or strange or whatever.
So I can imagine your opponent asking himself: “Is that a probe? Is he a sandbagger?” :smile:


Yeah, it’s included within Live. Can’t remember why it didn’t get its own option. Probably because the difference between the two is actually very grey.


Submit-move button in blitz games doesn’t seem very useful to me.

People who use submit-button in blitz


Then use double click :rofl:


I do ask for undo when I misclick even if I share your input.
The thing is I find disrespectful for the game, for my opponent and me to build a game from some hazard move. If I want to trigger some questions, it will have to be from a move I chose.