Missing 'Accept removed stones' phase

It is a second time, that after finishing the game there were no ‘accept removed stones’ phase, and the game ended with a totally false count, unfortunatelly turning the result of the game.
This is the recent one:

The other was just a ladder game, but this one is a tournament game, the result does matter.

Here is the other one:

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I know nothing about the issue you experienced. But I annulled the games pending a response from someone more knowledgable.

@anoek, could this be related to the new AI scoring stuff?

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Both happened quite recently. The one in my first post i just happened now. The one in my second post happened two days ago. In between there were an other game that ended just normally (at least the result is right in this case): Tournament Game: Tournament 70 (72840) R:1 (jmho vs gubi)

I think this is an older bug, @Conrad_Melville has seen it several times I’m trying to get a grasp on what’s actually going on.

@gubi - it looks like for Tournament Game: Tournament 70 (72840) R:1 (jmho vs gubi) you were the last one to pass, can you describe your experience there? Did you pass and it immediately ended, did you pass and auto-advance to the next game in your queue, what happened? Do you recall about how long it took to end after your last pass?

Additionally, are you using online-go.com to play or a mobile app to play, or a mixture of both? if you were on a mobile app when you made the last pass, what app?


FTR: those games were misscored by what some of us call “the autoscore bug.” It is not new. It was first noticed by Eugene awhile back. In my observation it has become more frequent in the last couple months. It is characterized by unmarked territory and, much more rarely, unmarked dead stones.


@anoek, I purely play in browser (google chrome), most of the time on Windows, sometimes on android (but google chrome there too). No app.
I have no auto-advance to the next game, I click on the black game-count in the upper right to go to the next game, until there is 0 there (there is an other bug, that sometimes arise: some game for some reason does not appear in that count, and I do not notice i’m next. I had time-outs because of that. Bud it did not happend since a while, thankfully).
In this particular game I cannot recall the exact sort of events, but I’m sure I did not have a chance to mark dead stones, and did not accepted the count.
But I’m sure it did not happened immediatelly after I passed, yesterday I came back to check my games, and I have seen a message about a finished game result. I have startet this post just at that time.

This one was a tournament game. Can anything be done to fix this game? I don’t know what is the effect of an annulated game on the tournament.

There is a countdown timer to accept the score of a game. If that runs out I think it might just accept the board the way it is.

Yes, there is, but it is a couple of days. This game was finished recently, surely not a couple of days ago.
And for the game to be finished in a false, automatically scored state, both parties must neglect to correct it, and let the timer go off. You don’t expect a 10k level opponent to just leave a bad scoring to win an otherwise lost game, do you?
Telling the truth I have never ever had an argument about scoring during the many years I play on this site. There were alway a consent about that.


Thank you for the details @gubi, it helps a lot. I have adjusted the tournament points so it counts as a win in terms of score, I can’t change the actual game result though - but for all intents and purposes in the tournament, it will now count as a win for the next round matching.


Thank you, @anoek

I have just finished an other game, the scoring went allright, just as usual.


@anoek, I have finished a few games since, both ‘I pass first’ and ‘I pass second’ cases. Everthing worked normal.

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