Missing button to go to next ready game


Before the update, I could simply click on a button on the top right corner and it would take me to the next game that an oponnent was waiting for me to move.

Where is that button now? I’m sorry if it is something simple, but I’m trying to find it and I can’t.

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I’m in night mode, but it’s still there… It’s the “1” in a black circle.


Mine used to be there until yesterday, but it is gone now. I had to go through my whole game list, one by one, to find out if it is my move. It was a little laborious, and I’m worried I might time out of a game accidentally.

Please help.

I know it is a small thing, but I also miss the button in the right upper corner for going to the next play.
The button appears in the edge explorer but not in IE 11.
(on Windows 7 the edge is not running)

You may add this one as an issue on github, so it’s adressed more sooner than later.