Missing profile name

Hey @anoek I think in some recent update the name in the top right corner of the main site after you click your profile picture was removed. IIRC this was needed by AGA tournament broadcasters for keeping track of which account they were logged into.



Bleh, that was such an ugly hack.

Really? I’m curious as to what the particular use-case was. I’ve never needed to use multiple accounts when doing AGA broadcast stuff. (edit: not trying to be snarky, I’ve only been doing this for a year and a half and haven’t been in touch with many of the people who used to do it)

That said, it is a little inconvenient not to have a quick way to get to the user profile all the time, since the “profile” button up top disappears if the screen is too narrow:

and the hamburger menu is kinda hard to find things in (maybe just for me, idk) since everything sort of visually blends together, and you have to scroll on some devices to get to the Profile option.

Not to mention that the expected behavior when clicking on a profile thumbnail in a bar at the top of any website is typically to be brought to the user profile.

I do think it looks prettier without the username in the drop-down menu, though.

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I wonder if we should make the avatar a link to the profile?

I can see an argument that this would be too close to the dropdown arrow. Would that be a problem?

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Yeah i would say so. That might need to wait until both drop down menus are combined into one.


I always used this dropdown to get to my profile and it is absolutely intuitive to expect that you can do so when clicking on your avatar. Please consider that there are certain conventions that people are used to from using other websites and this is one of them.
The number of clicks is the same compared to clicking on the menu button in the top left corner, but I only found out today that this has a link to the profile.


Memory is a funny thing.

I can’t recall the top-right avatar plus dropdown arrow ever taking us to our profile.

I wonder what the codebase says?

(The linked thread is about a Username link to the Profile that used to be there, which is a different thing)

There was a link below the avatar and above the theme customiser. Something like this :slight_smile:

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I miss it mostly because that’s where I used to copy my nickname from :grimacing:
But it’s a matter of habit I guess


I have a nickname I can easily type :wink: haha, but I used it as my main way to access my profile page…


Yes, on mobile there’s no other sensible way.

The down arrow should give you the pop out options and the avatar take you to profile


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