Missing sequence number in AI Analysis (?)

In AI Analysis, sometime there is missing sequence number move. Why is that? am i missing someting?

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18 is a throwin where 21 is.


Sometimes it wants a pass instead. No clue why though.

sorry, but how do you know?

Really? it means there is Bug on the AI?

I don’t know. I was confused for a while and one day I decided to pass then. I don’t know why one would pass then, but it kept the numbers there instead of removing the numbers if I had played a stone another place. I would have to dig up the game, but I have seen that before in one of my games.

I have used ogs ai many times and I haven’t run into any missing moves so far. So, when I don’t see a move, I automatically assume it’s a throw-in in atari (and/or ko) that’s captured. Then I play the ai sequence by clicking the ghost stones and look for a tiger-mouth shape, because that’s where a throw-in is possible. In your game, that was the only possible spot for a throw-in. If you can’t pinpoint exactly where the throw-in/capture was, you can click around in the area to see if you hit the right spot; when you do, ai will again show the continuation.


you are right, big thanks to you :smiley:


I’ve actually complained about this several times, and attempted suggesting fixes - as I find it very confusing to follow ai sequences when they show the later moves on top of earlier moves.

I would prefer if it showed the earlier move in a sequence until that stone is taken off of the board.

Even sillier is the fact that the earlier number shows back up later on in the sequence.

Also annoying is that you can’t see an ai’s suggested sequence if you actually played the ai’s suggested move. This would useful in the case you play the suggested move but your opponent doesn’t respond or doesn’t respond the way the ai suggests - so you just lose one of the follow ups for no reason.

Got the Point, i agree with that, i’m just hoping OGS will Develop more and more. and i Believe That :smiley:

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