Mistaken scoring corrections?

If both players make an error in accepting the outcome of a game, and agree that the winner is incorrect, is it possible to get a moderator to change the winner?

This is the game:

My opponent apparently accepted the bad scoring and said something in the comments, but I did not notice until after I’d accepted the outcome (not having noticed that I had incorrectly won). It’s not a super big deal, but we would both prefer that it is scored correctly (despite it being our own faults!) White clearly wins this game, whihch is what the AI indicates, but apparently the default scoring did not think so.

Unfortunately, mods cannot change the result of ended games; the best they can do is annul them. Ostensibly it is as you say the players responsibility to agree to the score, but there are race conditions which make that stance a bit unreasonable in practice. Improvements to the scoring process are being/have been discussed, so hopefully such mistakes will be less likely in the future

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While moderators can’t change the result, they can annull it, which you may prefer over having a “wrong win”.

You can raise an “Other” type report and ask for this.

You also might consider politely pinging a moderator in PM if they might have a moment to take care of it.

The evidence for both players agreeing needs to be there, the onus is on you to provide that.

Note: the default stone removal is not there to make a decision about who won, it’s there to save you having to mark all the stones all the time.

It’s a common problem to think it is “the official answer”, which it is not.

Fortunately big improvements are on the way on that front.


It’s not sufficiently important to bug a moderator, since my opponent has gotten over the shock. :wink: We both should have looked at it more closely, and he and I know one another in person. If he’d given me a heads up that there was a problem by text, I wouldn’t have accepted it so quickly. When I saw he’d already signed off on it, though, I did even look, just accepted the outcome that I thought was there.

Thanks for your info.

Thanks for your info and reply. I don’t think we’ll bother with an anullment. In the long run it will average out of the ranking quickly, as it’s only the one game, not really significant. I had won the last few games we’d played, I think, so it stung a little when my opponent won this one, and then didn’t.

But he’s a grownup and got over ie. …or so he says. :wink: