Mobile app for keeping track of progress through big sgf set

Hi all,

I have a big set of sgf files (Tsumego Collection) with various sub-folders.

I tried a few different sgf viewers on my android phone but none of them are very convenient for keeping track of progress through the list. I want an app which remembers which files I have done/opened and what my next is. Preverably per sub-folder.
Does such an app exist?

(If it doesn’t, maybe I need to develop it myself, shouldn’t be to hard… Only the keeping track of which are opened, the viewing itself can be done by another app)

Are you looking for some online spaced repetition tool for your own problem collection?

I think AI sensei recently added support for that. It may be showcased in one of their tutorial videos: AI Sensei Go Videos - YouTube

Is there some universal progress tracking app?

Something for entering whatever, possibly categorized, maybe with a link to the resource, and a button or a text field for entering progress.

Something like:
{ Medium | Collection name | Title | Unit of progress | Current | Total }

{ Book | Harry Potter | Page | 1 of 352 }
{ Tsumego | Cho Chikun’s Encyclopedia of Life & Death | Elementary problems | 10 of 1000 }
{ Correspondence game | OGS | game 30247834 | 30 of ? }

Thanks for your anwsers!
But I just found the app I need: Hactar Go Lite
You can add new collections by adding complete directories of go tsumego (or in my case, “get strong at the opening”) sgf files and it just integrates in the app as a new custom go problems folder with its own progress. Perfect! (No I’m not assosiated with the app, just enthusiastic)

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