Moderator call icon legend

I called a mod some days ago and a red triangle icon appeared in my top menu bar.
Now the icon turned purple and the number is zero, but the icon is still there.

Does colour mean something?
Is the call still open?


I think purple means that a mod is working on your report. If you click it, you should be able to see the name of the moderator who tackles your report.
But the zero is strange.
You will have to wait till a mod replies to this post. :wink:


The number and colour are tied to the number of unclaimed reports. Since all your reports are claimed, the triangle is purple and the number says 0. If you had more than one report, the number would represent how many are unclaimed and if >0 would be red. When you have no reports at all, the symbol disappears.


What happens when the icon is flashing between red and purple?

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Probably means mods are claiming and then dropping the ticket for some reason? That or an error lol

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I think in this case there were some server issues that were preventing mods from claiming tickets, so that’s probably what you saw. They should be resolved now.