Moderator picked winner in two of my games around move 30 without communication

Hey, so as the title says my last two games were decided by moderator decision. They were decided in my favor, so I’m not terribly upset just confused. Plus I was enjoying the two games and now I’ll never know if I would’ve actually won. They were my last two correspondence games in my OGS profile. So if anyone knows why this happens an explanation would be most appreciated as there was no communication when the games were decided. Thanks! :slight_smile:

i cant say for sure, but i think your opponent was being punished because of the game discussed in this thread:

@emauton handled it i beleive.


Makes sense! I’d say the player deserved it for his unsportsmanlike conduct in his other game, thanks for the communication. Stinks I didn’t get to beat him properly though. :slight_smile:

Haha, I had just looked at this a minute ago from that other post and noticed that this user had lost a bunch of games in a row by moderator decision, even games where they were not misbehaving. I think the moderator may have been ending all of this user’s games to have a chat with him about such behavior.

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Yeah, sorry. I banned the user in question (temporarily!) & ended any open games. I’ll IM a note next time. :o)


No worries! I probably could’ve figured it out if I had went to his game history; I’m just on mobile and don’t know where that button is lol. Thank you for making that decision to help keep OGS a friendly community, I appreciate it! :grin: