Monkey jump -- general question

I have been bitten by the monkey jump—as several have pointed out in this forum, it was a big surprise the first time it happened, and only slightly less painful the second time.

I am trying to understand it better, with the help of the sensei pages, but I do have a general question which may be so obvious it’s not even addressed there, namely:

Is the monkey-jump always a possibility when the second line is open?

That is, every time I see a pattern like:

(without the stone at (1) of course)

I should expect/plan for a monkey jump in the end game?
(that is, I should expect (and prepare) for a play at (1) or plan to play there)?


Yes, it is open, as long as the stones in G18 are safe, and there is no sneakybusiness white can do.

Have you seen nick sibickys lecture about the monkey jump? Few years old by now, but still good one ^^


Thanks for the link—I didn’t know about it. In fact, I didn’t know about the monkey jump until a week ago…Looking forward to the lectures.

So the answer is: yes, there is always a possible monkey jump to expect or plan whenever I see pattern like:

which means white must plan for losing 8/10 points unless it can somehow preempt the jump with a play at 1 (and viceversa for black)

BTW, if a kind soul could teach me how to put a demo board in a post, I would be very grateful


There’s also a term for this situation:

If you have an open skirt, you can’t really call your area territory. So closing an open skirt is often a big move, but also gote, so it can be good to delay it as long as possible.


Thanks Mark,

that’s exactly the kind of general answer I was hoping to get. And I learnt a new term!


Nice cat pic :3 only reason I came in

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It’s a Main Coon—my cat of 19 years who passed away a year ago.

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There’s a book that goes into a lot of detail too

I think you can find some of the things by Richard Hunter in the British go journal eg

Page 7

Actually they have an index for all the parts here
And the issues are here

As an example you find Richard hunters name and monkey jump workshop part 1 in the first link and it says issue 96 so in the second link you click issue 96 and it happens to be in part 2

Looks like there’s 7 parts and some answers


Thanks! Excellent discussions indeed, as was the (quite entertaining) lecture by Nick Sibicky