Monkey Jump or Second Line Invasion?

When there’s is an open skirt on the second line, is it better to play a monkey jump or to play a one space jump on the second line?

(See the second line here:

It’s usually better to monkey jump.

With all due respect to my superior, I think a better answer is that it depends on the surrounding stones, so a case by case evaluation should be more accurate. You need to read out the likely continuations to make that determination.

For instance, in the game you show, if your opponent also had a stone around C-3, then the answer might be “neither”. Since you don’t have eye shape yet, F2 might be the best move. Otherwise, a white play at H-4 threatens to kill black. (Remember - just to illustrate my example this assumes white has a stone around C-3. In the actual game, the black stones are pretty safe no matter which of the above moves gets played.)

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You’re right, of course. (that’s why I said “usually”) I only meant to give a rule of thumb, but good questions deserve the respect of a lengthier reply perhaps. :slight_smile:

In line with what Noobrunswick said, a monkey jump is usually worth 8 or 9 points, so it is not typically a move you want to make until later in the game. Playing a monkey jump too early can be a bad idea because it destroys any aji that may have existed there, and can often make your opponent’s group stronger. If you are nearing the endgame, you have exhausted your aji, and your opponent’s group is already strong, then you can make a monkey jump.

The one-point jump on the other hand can (in my experience) come into play a little bit earlier in the game. If you are about to make an invasion on the other side of the wall, the one-point jump can sometimes provide just the supporting stone that you need. It can give you a helper stone for the invasion, and it leaves the possibility to connect underneath.

Basically, I see the one-point jump as much more flexible, and the monkey jump as a single-purpose move that is usually reserved for the endgame. Hopefully someone with much more experience than I will confirm or refute this.