More Chat Editing Tools

I find myself continually frustrated with the lack of tools for both PM and in-game chat. I often accidentally press the Enter key and have to either ignore the error or correct it by inserting the intended message within these **.

I personally don’t like this and find it to make my sentences and often large blocks of text look disjointed, choppy, and ugly. Is there any way tools like editing, replying, and/or copying could be added to assist players like myself who care for more cleanly writing?


I share this experience.

It’s a shame that a change to let us edit chat is not as simple as just “implement edit and save”, it also has to provide review of changes etc (for moderation). Otherwise it would seem like a no-brainer to do it.

could we also get like a chat archive or something? it kinda goes fast enough to justify something like that. like heck, make a autotoaster bot that just copypastes it to a doc or something i dont know!

Ugh!! I just had a moment where having a delete message option would have been really useful. I accidentally pressed the wrong quick-message and I don’t like the repetition as it makes the chat log look ugly. Please OGS Team! Please make our chatting lives so much more pleasant T_T

I’m a bad typist, so I sympathize with the issue. I have taken to drafting any long messages in Word and then copying and pasting them into the PM or chat.

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