More efficient utilization of space (scaling) on small monitors


I have an old Thinkpad which has 4:3 / 1024x763 resolution. The problem with OGS is that the board doesn’t scale very well with the monitor. In normal mode much of the space is taken by the browser and the OGS menu bar. Even if I use zen-mode and enable fullscreen in Firefox, it leaves at the bottom lots of unused space and so that the board is unnecessarily small. This is even more true in analyzing mode where the game tree display and browser bar takes half of the vertical space and there’s lot’s of unused space in the sides.

Another thing is, that it takes extra steps to go to fullscreen and zen mode. I don’t know if there exists a shortcut for it but that would make it somewhat easier. Adding a shortcut and/or a setting to open games automatically in zen mode would be nice. It would be even more convenient if OGS automatically scaled to smaller monitor, in example it could automatically hide the OGS menu when playing a game. I might be wrong but I think in normal use case you don’t need the menu while playing.

Summary of proposals:
a) Better scaling in zen mode
b) Adding a shortcut for entering zen mode
c) Adding a setting which makes zen mode the default
d) Making good scaling of the board the default by making changes in the layout (hiding the menu bar or something similiar)



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I agree that “analyze” in zen mode is a bit inefficient (my screens do this too…) but the other ones aren’t that inefficient.


Ever since the redesign of the frontend the vertical space utilization has indeed been quite poor. More screen space should be dedicated to the board. It’d be great to have an option to reduce the font size and margin amount of the board coordinates for example. Look how much space is wasted on these massive coordinate labels. Turning them off is an option, which is good but it’d be better if they were more minimal. This font could easily be half the size, and the margin could be even less than half the size.

Zen mode is less useful than the old fullscreen option as well, since it doesn’t show your time remaining or the # of captures, which is important information when playing a serious game. In addition it has a large empty space and ‘Black/White to move’ line under the board which eats vertical space.