Most games as white

I always queue up for automatches. At first I thought it was selection bias causing me to think I play most games as white. But then I took a look at my game history and there is a very noticeable difference between how many games I play as black vs. white. Why is this? Shouldn’t I be assigned a random color?

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There are a number of possible reasons for this I can think of without digging at all.

One is that other player may specify a preference for black. I have no idea if this is a “thing”, but if it were, and you were to specify “any”, then you’d be food for their black preference.

I also have a vague recollection that the stronger player gets one or the other side, all other things being equal. If you have a rank preference set, then this would affect that. This is total long shot, but maybe?


I think that the thing is that overall, the automatcher doesn’t have a goal of giving you a “fully random choice”, it has a goal of meeting everyone’s preferences by finding overlaps as quickly as it can.

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I thought that the automatch (quick match finder) uses automatic colours even when you’ve set it as “no handicap”, so it should make stronger player as white. If you are above the median rank (around 9k) then its very likely that you’re getting white more often than black.

Please correct me if i’m wrong?

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