Most Popular Joseki in 2021

I thought it would be interesting to do a follow up to a 2019 version of this.

The data used is a collection of 5916 pro games from last year pruned down into corner sequences using Kombilo.
2021 Pro Game Joseki Tree.sgf (5.1 KB)


If you go all the way to 38, it would provide some ground to a rewrite of the outdated “38 basic josekis” (Ishi press).


Would ot be a huge different if we only look at Japanese players’ games? korean players should contribute the most for the high percentage of 3 3 joseki

What’s the source of the database? 101Weiqi, GoDB, Go4Go, GoGoD, GoKifu, Web2Go, Sina, what?

You never gave a source for your 2019 database either.

Only KifuDepot/Go4Go this time.

2019 also included Sina, GoKifu, Fox broadcasts, and Korean Baduk league website.


Cool, I didn’t know about KifuDepot.