Most Underrated Corner Tsumego

I think the J-shape is most underrated. Even low dan players sometimes don’t know about it.

game sample: snakesss supporter vs. mrae28


Great shape to know. The Straight J group creating a ko is a very helpful shape to know too. Rather than making a hanging connection, one can play the descent to create a ko rather than a dead shape.

Surprisingly complex for a small corner! :slight_smile:

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Enough complex (and common) to be a good introduction to the complexity.
Not so underrated as being one of the most well known shape in the corner.

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I learnt this shape shortly after the L-group when I was about 10k but I can see from experience in my games that many mid-SDK players don’t seem to know it.

See here副本-入門題目 part 26 for a list of problems on the J-group.

In France it has been a favourite tsumego of Fan Hui and MDZ and they taught it to many of their students, under the name “pig’s snout”; I had to click your link to know what was meant by “J group”.

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Thanks for sharing!!

you fuckin right. nowadays many SDK player doesn’t even know about L shape

Guilty as charged :smiley: (unless you’re referring to what I’ve heard called “bent 4 in the corner”). But even if so, I definitely need to study common corner L and D shapes