Mouseovering shared variations in demo games brerak sync to controller

Observers sync to the controller is lost if the controller moves away from the “current move” (the move that was active when the mouseover started) when one is mouseovering a variation that was shared in the chat. When the mouseover is terminated the observer will “return” to the “current move” and the controlled could be somewhere else by that time. I reproduced this in latest Chrome and some few months old Firefox I had lying around installed.
One time the refresh icon didn’t even turn red but on all occasions after that it properly turned red to indicate me that I was not synced to the controller. It might be that if the sync is lost and the controller is not doing anything (but is still at other than “current move” location at the tree) it will not colour the refresh icon red before the controller moves in the game tree or makes a new node in it.

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