I’m enjoying ogs on a desktop, a rare opportunity for me. Watching a game in zen mode .

Would be great if we could navigate back and forth in the moves with the mouse wheel, isn’t it?


Nice idea.

But IF, then please optional, and OFF by default :slight_smile:


Well … first, because I use the mouse wheel for scrolling in the game chat, and second, because IMX the scrolling speed for Go Game diagrams is far too fast, almost impossible to make it go only one move forward or back while arrow and page up/page down keys are precise.

I said zen mode. No chat.

Besides no pgn up down on a phone.

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OIC, makes sense. (And sry, I missed that abt Zen mode.)

Mh… no mouse wheel either … am I missing something?

A lol yes, i tested on a pc. 1-1

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So the wheel doesn’t exclude the keyboard if you like it more.
Think of playing a game in zen mode far from the keyboard (armchair, bed or more ) just the mouse in hand.

Re-playing you mean, right? Yeah, I def. can imagine that being great!

All I actually wish for is for it not to interfere with chat scrolling.

Maybe … just make it so that it only scrolls when the mouse is hovering over the board :slight_smile:

And now … that makes me wish for this to be the case everywhere … like, my OGS entry page, with 20+ games in miniature view … and on mouseover I could scroll back and forth … awesome! Ditto on the “Watch” page.

And when the mouse moves away from the board, it jumps back to current state :slight_smile:

<edit> see how you turned me around :smiley: </edit>

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